Lyrics to Face It
Face It Video:
reality snuck up on you
pushed you in a corner
now thers nothign to do
you way you'll face it
its just another time
hiding from youself
keep your problems in line
procrastinate until it gets out of hand
i see your wits holding by a thin hope's strand
its just another day, a chance gone by
your wasted, time to face it
looks like your out of time

and when they ask "whatever happened to him?"
ill shake my head & say "he thew it all in"

realize you didnt give enough
this shits not so hard
you're only making it tough
and since you dont talk- i cant read minds
so long maybe ill see you around some time
its fucking sad, you turned into one big joke
its all your actions that are making you choke
can i see a change? i guess ive seen it before,
but i wont hold my breath
because my lifes worth more

then i watched you throw it all away
Move closer to a life full of pain
so youre scared to face it?
fuck you
you brought this on yourself
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