Lyrics to Face Deletion
Face Deletion Video:
Something tells me I'm not awake
But I'm sceptical.
Drifting into a domain where shadows take shape and regulate.
I've been here before and will stand here once more to be tried and tested.
What's coming closer shows teeth, but I won't fall.
I won't fall.

I find myself modified in the face of the cold,
Uncovering caustic thoughts within me.
I recognize the shade I become,
Recalling enmity.
I come unknown without control,
Remembering burning thoughts within me.
I recognize the ghost I become,
Protecting my sanity.
They will never see my defeat,

The ground dissolves without warning,
Floating into a terrain where twilight grows and dominates.
In this delusion there's nothing impossible and no limits of power.
The shapes are coming closer, yes I'll prevail.

The air has been liquefied when I open my eyes
And I'm sinking deeper into the deep.
Defy the surrounding dark and evolve.
I become awake
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