Lyrics to F. A. B.
F. A. B. Video:
[Verse 1: Nino]

Stinkin' bitch put me out
For the 3rd time
With nothin' but my 9 on my waist line
Its the same shit
With them stinkin' hoes
Everythings cool
"When you buyin' me clothes?"
Used to make 'bout 4 Gs a week
Didn't have a problem I could freak
Bitch was copin' my money with me nightly
"What you thinkin' bout cheatin'?"
Not even slightly
See everybody movin' by my nickname
And knew I was real 'bout the dope game
Last night trappin'
Hit an all-time
Three different drug sales in the same time
My partner in crime was my girl an' shit
Loved talkin' about money dopes and clips
All the time I thought she was in it to win it
Stank hoe was just in it to spend it
But fuck y'all niggas
Get off my nuts girl
Fell out with my boys over my girl
I know something
It's true
Even Nino got pussywhupped too
But all the sudden
Momentum shifted
But I could see it
I was constantly spifted(?)
Somebody hit my whole fuckin' stash, boi
And got me for my whole fuckin' jackpot

[Verse 2: Wicked]

Now hoes some with game out the top
Have your Beemers all over the whole damn block
You couldn't tell me I wasn't a G
Cause I be fuckin' other people's pussy
And that's about the time I heard the rap
A nigga fuckin' my girl from the trap
Niggas knew about my llello
'Bout my funds
Knew about my house in 'Copiton
What's that runnin'
I heard that same shit from satan
Ignore 'em! said he was gangsta hatin'
I got a break to my homey
But he killed me when I said I was a phony
But I don't give a fuck
I'm goin' for cell black
Man fuck these niggas and bitches
I got crack
But them fake
I love them niggas at heart
They picked me up when I was sleepin' in the park
See all my life I had trouble
My main man Nino
Held me out through the struggle
'Cause I got a lot of shit on my mind
I can't believe I thought my boy robbed me blind
Fell wack to the bitch
Gave her cards and cribs and all that shit
But now I'm back with the Click
Man fuck a bitch

[Verse 3: Wicked/Nino alternating]

Never let a bitch really know you know 'em
And of they act up you better blow 'em
All bitches are tricks and thats a fact
And never let a bitch know where your stash is
Man a bitch ain't nuthin' but a bill
Knowsomethin' a bitch ain't shit but a thrill
I kill a bitch like it ain't shit
Fuck a bitch
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