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I thought this was suppose to be about open minds and unity Not alienation, separation or who is more pc You people pointing fingers, judging others need to realize To each their own, get off your soapbox thrown Who are you to criticise? And it's so easy to be anti, close your mind up tight And you walk around the world Thinking everything you know is right It's so easy to protest and so hard to fucking give No one person has the answers, there's no one way to live Nobody's better than no one else, straight edge or what you eat Stand up for what you think is right, you don't have to be elite Think of all you're missing when your on that narrow road Do you really believe or is it just what you've been told Stand up for what you think is right, but who are you to criticise Your narrow mind has left you in a moral state of imaginary grace Your cause has lost it's taste And now you're gone Just like that you're gone and you're never coming back

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