Eyes (the Girl In The Purple Dress) Lyrics

Ken Hensley

Love and Other Mysteries

Lyrics to Eyes (the Girl In The Purple Dress)
Eyes (the Girl In The Purple Dress) Video:
The girl in the purple dress is on the TV again
Trying to sell me stuff that I don't need
Her friend became a princess not so very long ago
So she's trying hard to make me believe

Sitting here in my loneliness, she begs and she pleads
As if she, or it, will meet all my needs
But I won't make the call, just to see how it goes
'Cause I'm too afraid, that she might say no

She really needs to talk to me, she wants me on the phone
And she doesn't care that I'm sitting here alone
Call the toll-free number and she'll be my friend again
'Til the money's gone, and the conversation ends

So, here I am again, can't take my eyes off the screen
She's waiting, while I dream and obsess
It's been a long, long time since she was mine
Since the day I bought her that purple dress

And I don't have to look too hard to see
She's got what it takes
Her eyes helped me make some big mistakes
Day and night the memories only haunt my emptiness
She knows my name, the girl in the purple dress

You were mine, we did our time
We had our fun, now you belong to everyone
And anyone
To everyone and anyone

(Thanks to Paul for these lyrics)
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