Eyes Closed (Everything Is Alright) Lyrics

Cody B. Ware

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Lyrics to Eyes Closed (Everything Is Alright)
Eyes Closed (Everything Is Alright) Video:
Everything is alright
Nothing lasts forever cause I'm on my own
I am coming home tonight

Ayo living in hell dwelling I fell body trapped in a shell
Wishing the world understood how it is to prevail
And still be stuck in a dark corner all though this hells warmer
The cold world is where I need to get my hands on the
Legend I dream since the age of a teen
My momma crying in my arms cause the way she believes
Can move mountains at an 80 degree
Angle I dangle my faith mangled
But held together by a bigger angel the rectangle the pyramids
The universe and the way I live helps me forgive all mistakes I did
I got a taste of this darkness I need the light
I am going home I can't stay here another night
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