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Lyrics to Eyeballs Painted Black
Eyeballs Painted Black Video:
She walks in like she owns the venue

Better than you, your beneath her

This young girl's the queen of Ibiza

Raves for 24 just like Kiefer

So fit, you wanna get underneath her

She carries an ether

That aint quite right, she looks quite high

But this young girl don't smoke de reefer

Nope, she might be a girl

Who from a distance just couldn't look sweeter

Head to toe, good to go,

Virtually every centimetre

You'd like to meet her, take her home

Fill her up with your testosterone

But you wont get a chance to score

There's a reason she wears her shades in doors

(Why?) If you look closely

There's something not right with her jaw

She's chewin her face like a carnivore with a piece of meat,

And furthermore

Remove her glasses from her face

This females lost in space

Lost her sight, her eyes aint right

Eyeballs painted black not white

She leans forward, whispers slowly

You'll need one of these if you want to know me

I look in her hand, spot a tablet

Should I just grab it or leave alone

I look at her friend even she's a clone

Of Ibiza's female Al Capone

Must live off a heart of stone

She's far too fit, I take the bait

Swallow whole the forbidden fruit

My heart starts racing, pacing,

The taste is awful absolute

World turns black and I see the truth

Whatever I took weren't ecstasy

I look at the dude stood next to me

He sweats too his eyes are pitch black

Now I want to switch back

I'm disenchanted

Never take gorgeous girls for granted

One of her pills wíll leave you tarnished

Colour those eyes with a murky varnish

She's built an army

Taking trips beyond the darkness

Gorgeous but ruthless her

Father must be Lucifer
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