Lyrics to Eye To Eye
Eye To Eye Video:
Don't come around here no more / don't wanna see your ugly face again / I'm tired of looking at you / you're nothing but a worthless hooligan / we don't like you being here / and I'm not sure that I like that tone of voice / so you'd best get moving, son / its private property, you've got no other choice // Chorus: My wife and kids all look right / combed hair, teeth straight and white / You're different, maybe that's why / Me and you don't see eye to eye. // why don't you leave me alone / I'm sitting here, not hurting anyone / you're just a bitter old man / harassing us, for you, is kind of fun / you think you're some kind of God / kicking us out if we aren't here to shop / well I've got some news for you / you're just some fucker's peon rent-a-cop // Chorus: Just cause' we don't look like you / don't mean we don't have rights too / you're too old, maybe that's why / me and you don't see eye to eye

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