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She draws my very depths from me in moments of astounded ecstasy. Why would I stop her getting next to me? I just love her whole heart there sexing me. oh! My love is collecting me, fields of roses and kissing me openly. She?s God, she?s excepting me. The whole field late June getting wet for me. WO! I love what she sweats from me, laughing as we melt in infinity. Perfect elegant boobs like a Da Vinci. I can't wait till she shows me her blackberry and Chorus: Turn out the lights switch off the telly We?re making love extra-ordinary Switch off our phones draw closer to me We can make life extra-ordinary God knows, but she gets to me. I?m kernel Mustard with the horn in the refectory. Laughter and love denote destiny. You ride a bike and read Rilke, So it?s meant to be Love! You know Im just glad to be singing! Because yesterday; I was as blue as George Galloway investing in The false hope of my Ego and not resting in. My hearts festivity the song that your giving me Inner light will set you free from false captivity Wake up your heart to being A voice that is seeing What you and me can be in: In Love Chorus You and me can open up our hearts just by being by our selves. You and me can overcome the pain just by feeling all our wealth. Inside Chorus We can make life extra-ordinary.

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