Lyrics to Extian
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You hand me a beat
I'll abuse it like catholic priests
Do to children during the holiest of Vatican weeks
The sack of my beats ain't phat they enormous
They'll leave you brainwashed off and lost like a pack of Mormons
You disrespect my clan you better run and hide
The same way Christians accept 'Intelligent Iesign'
If you push the truth aside then the ministers win
But if you so strong in your beliefs then answer me this
If the memories of a life's retained in the brain
And the brain dies inside it nothing remains
Wouldn't that mean
You would have absolutely and positively no recollection or account of previous things
When you die?
Angels and demons devils and Gods do not await you
Even if your own condition would not escape you'd
Sit up and church with fake faith and false hope
Get up burst Amen! And Praise God!
Jesus, he saves lives!
Molest your daughter and cheat on your wife at the same time
And claim I'm speakin' the devil and I'm going to hell
And as far as hell speak of the devil
It's amazing how this God is ubiquitous omnipresent
Existent in every stitch of existence
But yet and still it's this place devoid of his presence of torment and sickness
You go forever for 80 years of sins you committed
It's ridiculous. And you know what makes it worse
Is the fact that nobody else seems to have an issue with it.
...Just blindly giving in to it, but me
But maybe I'm the crazy person maybe it's just me
I love sayin' there isn't a God
I'm just sayin' that the God in the bible isn't God
You may think it's odd
That I'm black and I don't swear by a God that every body recognizes as God
I'm tired of sayin' the word God
It's self-defeating meaningless
Just a title, idle reverence for some lenience
And lenience for what
Every single sin that we have in our arsenal he gave us to strut
And For what?
What kind of sense does it make?
To create a sinful creation that you judge from the gate
And then send your only son to prohibit the fate
That you ultimately responsible for
And in why the hell am we sayin he
Cause if God had a sex than he wouldn't be
And maybe if he was God then he couldn't leave
His greatest creation alone in it's time of need
And this is what I mean.
...We ignore the obvious in front of us
And 2000 years from now people gone be makin' fun of us
If we last that long
If the Muslims don't kill the Christians
And the Christians don't kill the non-Christians cause they cant compete with the Muslims
Cause the Muslims cutting peoples heads off chantin' in Arabic claimin they love em'
Declaring jihad on western Muslims
Takin innocent lives for nothing
Cut maybe it isn't maybe it just seems
Maybe I'm the crazy person maybe it's just me
Maybe I'll just leave
And take my crazy belief system and just leave
Cause really it's just me...
Ill say it once and never again
ill never go back cause there thinkin for yourself's a helluva sin
us again them, i wonder who'd win
cause all we really have to do is spit logic to get under thier skin
thats why im extian
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