Explosion Lyrics



Lyrics to Explosion
Explosion Video:
Explosion, explosion
Time to blow up the musical bomb
Explosion, explosion
Boom, see the fire burn
Explosion, explosion
See the wicked man how he
Run, run, run
Explosion, explosion
How he run to dial 911

I would like to
Let you know what I'm up to
Cooking in my basements kitchen's den
If you want me to tell you
Gotta check the instructions on my recipe
Step for step and very carefully
We're gonna make this one blazin' hot
You better put all the fire in that you got

And now run for cover (run for cover)
I put fire to the fuse (fire, fire)
You better do it quick now (tick tock tick tock...)
I got no time to lose
If you don't want to join the fun
You better turn around and run
Some people call me Tom
And I'm gonna give you an


Trumpet solo


Aaaaaaaaaah, yeah
Burn fire burn fire burn fire burn...
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