Lyrics to Existence
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[Music by Beto Vazquez & Lucas Pereyra, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez & Jessica Lehto, Vocal Melody by Jessica Lehto]

The human in his existence
fears to drown in the ocean of his own utopias.

The solitude filling us over the years
I know I'll be here waiting for my destiny
A fleeting eternity fills my soul
with wisdom and harmony
We are alive

Beautiful horizons guide my flight
Carry me on in this beautiful sky
where my heart beats for you
from the beginning of my existence

When the light faded
he fixed his eyes on the eternal abyss
And then suddenly tears of heavenly dew
fell on earth
and even the precious stones broke

In the beginning of life, from a distant point of view,
creation was triggered, in an endless stream of events.
Many things has been written and theorised about the beginning,
but, we finally get to a point
where the only thing we cannot question is our own existence.

Just one time, just for a moment
we're under the same sky
Lost in a small world
Believing that time is eternal

[Timo Tolkki: Lead & Guitar arrangements
Appears courtesy of: Timo Tolkki / Del Imaginario Discos / Eric de Hass
El Zoologico Recording Studio / Argentina
Dario Schmunck: Spoken Words
Appears courtesy of: Dario Schmunck
Mercury Recording Estudios / Argentina
Beto Vazquez: Bass / Keyboards / Rhythm Guitar
Jessica Lehto: Lead and Backing Vocals
Lucas Pereyra: Orchestral arrangements
Norberto Roman: Drums]
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