Lyrics to Exhale The Ash
Viral compulsion born of fractured humanity
Blindly advance by pronouncements of all against all
Fragment the reason for being
Consume the vacuous, the disillusion

Lay to waste
And relinquish the earth ablaze

Unshackled, go forth with eyes glazed over
Define your purpose as the riches of sin
Bled out from the remnants

All bonds broken
Forged of lies
The end has been written
By our ascent

Exalt nothing

Roots torn from beneath all
Adorned with scars of excess
In eulogy we will not be absolved

Retreat from sanctity
Possessors not of time nor hope
Confront extinction
To repent, but not endure
All bonds broken
Forged of lies
Entrenched and held within
Relinquish the covenant

The rot cannot be drawn from dead veins
Unremitting in worship of empty gods
Return to the dawn
Before invoking our own suffering

Bear witness to what is before us
Dissolve all the illusions
Be brought back down to ashes