Lyrics to Excited
Excited Video:
You walk on in and my heart catches fire. My head explodes with visions of desire. Mmm, you touch my heart, oh you, you tear me apart. I can't even think, you touch me and I, I... I get so excited, I get so excited, I get so excited in your rams. Within our love there is no compromise. Boy can't you see seduction in my eyes. Mmm. So climb right on in, you know, love's not a sin, you can kiss all of me, 'cos you're my ecstasy, and... You and me so excited. You - me - (mmmm) you - me - (yeah heh) you - me - (mmmm) you - you. (So excited) Excite me baby! (So excited) You know you can do it! (So excited) Whooah yeah! Whooah yeah! (So excited) You know you can do it.

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