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Lyrics to Ex-Girlfriends Are Stupid
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Now It's safe to say I've been awake for days
I can't sleep ever since she replaced me
I can't breathe physically I'm shaky
When I can't see so somebody please save me
Can't eat turns out my stomach hates me
Can't leave, move on the thought aches me
And I know that I can pull through this
But ex-girlfriends to me are so stupid
See I don't want her but don't want her with him
When I think of her with him I cringe
Stomach in knots cant feel ribs
Try to stand up the room starts to spin
You ever felt like this, well let me see ya hands
You ever been through this?
Then y'all understand
See I thought I could get along without her
'Cause I'm sick of writing songs about her

I know we been here before and
I know we can't find the reasons
I know we change up our minds
So much these feelings change like seasons
I know I can't live without you
But I hate every thing about you
So right when we find the meanings
She starts screaming, Fuck you I'm leaving

So here I go thinking of you again
My time's spent dwelling on the past again
I thought we were done I escaped the fort
It turns out my "Release Day" cut short
Sent back in, now I'm trapped in her web
I don't want her but I need her instead
See when I think of her and him in his bed
I get a little sick an emotional wreck
I'm trying my best snap back like elastic
"On My Side," ya that chick
And it may seem a bit old fashion
I don't want a different chick every night on my mattress
Let me get this thought established
I let her go and it was all my fault
But I thought I could get along without her
'Cause I'm sick of writing songs about her

It's like a never ending cycle what we go through
Almost start to feel psycho my ego bruised
No psychic could predict what I've been through
I'm not a sidekick, so I dipped out, slightest move
Out the door, ya we've been here before
Back and fourth like tennis and I'm betting they'll be more
Times when you call I press ignore
'Cause the times that we fought I've pressed abort
You're the reason why I can't move on
You're the reason why I write these songs
And I know that this might be wrong
But when I'm with her, I think of you
Stuck in the memories, misconstrued
Not a fairy tale ending
That shit don't happen
See I thought I could get along without you
'Cause I'm sick of writing songs about you
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