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The Wrens

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Lyrics to Ex-Girl Collection
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Fourth floor room
Each girl I've brought back home to bloom
All fold on close inspection
Each one leaves
A banner hanging from the eaves
Marking the eve of election
Ex-girl collection
Into, why not?
Into, what else you got?
It's just how men mark time
Ann slams in
Another lightning round begins
This could get interesting
Where's Ann been?
She pours herself a don't-ask gin
No ice and light on the bitters
I'm done with quitters
"Why? Charles, I found out
Wipe that smile off your mouth
I think it's tell-me time"
Britt hit hard
She found my box of Beth's best cards
Hand cut and signed with 'X's
Called at work
"Happy anniversary, jerk"
And I just laughed at the timing
With you on line two still crying
"Why play sex on the cuff
Does Beth like it rough?
And learn your dirty lines?
And keep her hair cropped
(The other shoe dropped)
Is this how men mark time in couples?"
She cursed
(This sounds so rehearsed)
As Ann, hand on hip, accusing me to the rafters
The words turn and spit
And scorch right through to the plaster
I'm called ten kinds of a bastard
Curses come faster
Into, why not?
Into, what else you got?
Into, Charles gone to pot
In hotter water
Line up to lift up a toast
To the ones I hurt most
And how the well's gone lime
With Charles on the plow
I'm roger, over and how
Slower now men make time
What else you got?
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