Evil / God Punishment Lyrics


Dark Chapters - EP

Lyrics to Evil / God Punishment
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Couplet 1 :
Coming from every destinations
Black knights carried desolation.
You were here on their road
Asking nothing to everyone.

You tried to save your precious life
But they thought it's time to die.
Their fiendish horses trempled you
And you died in suffuring

Pré-chorus :
I'm ready to fight, 'cause I want to remember.
I'm ready to die, 'cause your life is still inside.
I'm ready to fight, 'cause I want to take revenge.
Dying for your love make me feel invincible.

Couplet 2 :
I took my sword and saddle my horse
If I should, hunt them in Hell.
They have gone as nothing happened
Their butchery is still go on

Send by God to punish me
Or send by Evil, He cursed me.
I'm called Thorgall Aegirsson
And never I will have a son.


Refrain :
Fly away ! To this dreamy world, you will be avenged.
Run away ! To this better world, I swear it to you.

Break x4
Solo x4 + Pré-chorus
Refrain x4
Solo x4
Refrain x4
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