Everywhere We Go Lyrics

Tony Yayo

Gunpowder Guru

Lyrics to Everywhere We Go
Everywhere We Go Video:
[Verse 1:]
They say consistencys the key to victory
I stay percented man these haters can't get to me
Audamer timepiece watch how the bezzle tick
I'm so hot they say I'm on the devils dick
Armed predicate in l.v shit
Malatio vegas on the lv strip
Mackbook pro with a usb mic
Record in the lear jet bathroom all night
Get money and the world is yours
I need bricks to the ceiling like boston george
I'm having dreams of floor mats made with chinchilla
And 1 mexican with an 18 wheeler

We flippin bricks everywhere we go
We gettin money in your area codes
Supply and demand rain, sleet and snow
It's all for the money for the love of the dough
Everywhere we goo
Everywhere we goo
Everywhere we goo
Everywhere we goo

[Verse 2:]
Fed point system, I ain't from berlin
Word to duke, manaya and london
Sour diesel got me higher than balloon boy
44 bulldog and my new toy
Custard color coupe lookin like cheesecake
Dime bitches lookin at me like jes sakes
50 case of rose everybody drink
Shorty shoes paintin on her ass like body point
I weathered the storm I got long paper
I make it rain like a mother fucking storm chaser
Hermeez suit on, with a real mean gator
Jean sean from milan I'm a swag draper

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