Everywhere I Go (feat. 50 Cent) Lyrics

Obie Trice

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Lyrics to Everywhere I Go (feat. 50 Cent)
Everywhere I Go (feat. 50 Cent) Video:
[Intro: Obie Trice] Yeah Ride wit me Come ride wit Trice, man I brought my man wit me Curtis Interscope Jack (ha ha) Mr. Mathers, my nigga Fif' [Yeah] Holla at 'em [Chorus: 50 Cent] Everywhere I go, I mean, like everywhere I be It seems like everybody knows, how I get down, and why B, homie Everywhere I go, I mean, like everywhere I be It seems like everybody knows, how I get down, and why B, homie [1st Verse: Obie Trice] They say Obie Trice gone, look at em Back then I was Mike Jones, who would even look at 'em? Now I recite songs with icons, see I come from convicts and crumbs My nigga, listen, it's transition shows his ambitions Nuttin less then the man getting off his ass and vanishing Into the world of ass kissing, witness him with Ashton Kutcher Now they ask for pictures, autographs, signatures Went from rags to riches to getting ass from bitches It's hard to grasp the situation at hand When you used to have to ask for digits Now they pass em to you like easy fast for tickets Classic isn't it? Coming from a past with a casket Dips from beneathe the grass, so you're cremated to ashes Nigga, created from the crap, this is past fictious Fif, tell em how we was when we last wen' visit [Chorus] [2nd verse: Obie Trice] And now the spotlight's on Trice But back when the spot life was Trice I always kept beside a spot for a mic, despite Wrongs and rights, I would write after I slung white To homes on the pipe, I had a notion I would be bi-costal But being across the ocean is la vida loca And vada loco, I'm in Janayo Konecheewa in Tokyo, it's sushi with eel I got a taste for that pompies chopping up in Brazil Drinking the finest wines in France on the hill Now how real is he to come from where we get killed To having all his dreams fulfilled, look out I got fantasies of being in Italy where the women be Offering me the cooch-o, eating on arsobuco Awesome, I know, so often, we just reach the coffin And never get to see what the world's offering [Chorus] [Outro] {50 Cent} Yeah Things change man You know, get a chance to travel See the world and you start to look at things a lil different {Obie Trice} You ain't bullshitting Cuz I ain't never thought I'd see it out the hood Heh, look at a nigga now

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