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New Blood

Lyrics to Everything's Lost
Everything's Lost Video:
Life's hard tomorrow's harder eyes open wide I drown in sorrow
At a loss of words adversity strikes no one wins in the game of life
I choke blind hold it all in material greed leads sinners to sin
World's havok will never stop people's compassion forgot not lost
I'm lost hardened block out the pain as life slips nothing to gain
Won't give in I know I've lost when I die my hate stops street wise
I always look back past lessons ready to attack anger supressed
Towards the guilty who've sinned I keep my head up I know I'll never win
You gotta learn life's a gmame no one wins
Everything's lost in the world's greed so much pain
No ones sees everything's lost in the world's greed
God give eyes to witness not to turn our backs
So open your eyes and see
Everything's lost no one wins
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