Everything You Need (Hey Babe) Lyrics

Cactus Patch

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Lyrics to Everything You Need (Hey Babe)
Everything You Need (Hey Babe) Video:
Hey babe, would you like to come my way
Would you like to feel the same way.
Baby, I'm getting ready to set sail
Maybe we can leave this Saturday.

Hey babe, the river's moving fast
Think you might need a life vest.
Baby, there's no comfort in being second best

I've been through this before
I washed my face to lick the floor.
I hope one day you could turn your head around
And as you saunter by a distant look is in you eye
You let on that you have everything you need.

Hey babe, have you finally figured out
What the buzz is all about?
Baby, expectations leave you hollow
I guess it doesn't really make a difference now, does it.

Your head is held up high
Your soul is sinking low.
I know that you need more.
Next time that you walk by,
I'll fail to catch your eye and give you everything you need,
When everything is me.

Hey babe, would you like to come my way
Baby, would you like to feel the same way.
Feel the same, and have everything you need.
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