Lyrics to Everything We Need
Everything We Need Video:
She's got runs on the board
She's got tickets to the show
And on family occasions she gets drunk and she sings,
It makes everyone smile
Ain't that somehting

All the living rooms she sleeps in
Trashed with wine and cigerettes
And the one promise she is good at keeping my friends
Is to break every promise she makes

What more do we ask for, we're living the dream
We've got everything, everything we need

She's got a blind spot
In the corner of her eye
And the rear view mirror it is cracked up and filthy dirty
Can't see out of it most of the time

What more do we want for we're living the dream
What more can we ask for, we've got everything
Everything we need

There's nothing louder than the sound
When we pat ourselves on our backs
We got big blocks of land and mansions
To build on them it's as simple as that
As simple as 1, 2, 3

Each week her nerves shake she looks up to heaven
And she prays out loud in short sharp bursts
And pays her superannuation

What more do we want for we're living the dream
Want more can we ask for
We've got everything
We've got every little thing that we need
We've got everything we need
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