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Lyrics to Everything We Need
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Have you ever met that girl who moves you?
she's everything you need
she brings a sudden sense of serenity
and got you crawlin' on your knees
she'll keep you feeling all right, all night
before you even know her name
just one look in those eyes brings the pain
and you can feel your heart break

so wonderful and untouchable
she got you locked in her own gravitational pull
you can try to hide it, try to fight it
but you don't stand a chance nuh uh don't even think about it
you better bring your best
she'll put you to the test
take your pickup lines and lay them to rest
and that's the second test
with a snap of her fingers and a twist of the hips
you're loosing yourself yeah you're starting to slip
into a state of confusion, a pure illusion
a fairy tale romance without a conclusion
and she knows that she's got it
she's gonna flaunt it, make you want it
and there's just no way to stop it

when you close your eyes, she's all you see
fallen angel, hides her halo underneath
a pair of broken wings caused by broken dreams
she's an angel, but is she everything she seems?

she gotcha locked down, adrenaline rush
she's so beautiful outside
a picture perfect priceless smile through your eyes
she cannot be denied

the most beautiful thing that you can imagine
and you can't stand it 'cause you don't have it
you can never get enough
of a woman who won't hesitate to tear you up
and there's no way around it
now you've found it you're surrounded
and the alcohol won't drown this

it's so frustrating and complicated
she can make you, or break you, or take you away
take you away

sometimes it seems that a woman can hold the key
to ecstasy, misery, and everything in between
she's out of reach and maybe she's just a dream
but it's only 'cause you don't believe you could be
everything she needs
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