Lyrics to Everything
Everything Video:
(feat. Gerald Albright & Sheila Brody)

I got no fancy car
Never was no superstar
I got no grammy trophy
Got no problem if you approach me
Never had no rolling stone cover
Never had no top 10 hits brother
Got no tv show
Got no maybach benz or rolls
Got no movie roles
Got no platinum or gold
I got no diamond rings
Watches and all them things
Got no waiting plane
What I mean is
I got no private jets
But I also got no regrets
Got no swag
But got no love
For something I ain't never had

Got no mansions
I got no yacht
But I got no choice
But to show
What some of us forgot
Never was hot
Never was pop
But I never ever stoppin
That real hip hop
Got no million follower friends
On twitter
On and facebook
Look my friends
Got no thing for video games
Got no shame
Sayin I ain't never playin
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