Lyrics to Everything
Everything Video:
Crying all alone again
hoping that I'll find a friend
who can lift me when I fall
all I have to do is call
sitting alone on the floor
wondering if there's something more
releasing all the pain inside
I don't have anything to hide, cause

You're right there, beside
always, behind me
you're never, gonna leave
you're everything to me
I'm hurting, you're healing
you know just what I'm feeling
thank you, for meaning
everything to me

Looking back at all the days
hearing the same, familiar phrase
why do I, believe in this?
the world could bring me much more bliss
but ignorance wont cloud my mind
because I know what there is to find
a father who wont let me go
Jesus all of this I know, cause

I turn my back on you're on the other side
I'm sorry for all the truth I have denied
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