Lyrics to Everything
Everything Video:
My life slips(spills) through the hands and dreams of our so called lovers.These dreams come true but the pain still burns inside as I come through. I walk alone, tonight's strong tone shatters me(the nights young don't challenge me), the shaking of the thoughtless one has brought your poem to an end. And you have just lost everyone you've worked(hoped) to please so desperately.
And this tragedy has turned this fairytale to a nightmare.
I see you make sure that no ones watching, to breathe life into your secret but die in guilt. A mannequin with a heart so pure, but the blood runs thick beneath its perfect skin. You cant steal what is given to you, its praised but no one wants it. I danced in your eyes as you danced in the light. I walk alone, the nights strong tone shatters me like a nightmare.

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