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Lyrics to Everything Is True
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I look up from my newspaper
one coldish day in November
you are charmed
I'm sure
to watch me fumble
when I see you through the window

The rain is slowing
just a steady plashing
over the awning
& the wind chimes sing so
soft & high
I feel so many things
all at the same time

In a better moment
I'm sure at least
one of us might have spoken
but you smile
and I wave
and we both look away
I think about you all day

Who am I now?
a girl with a fist full of lives
I stare out my window
& I'm shattered every time
By the way the trees seem so
fixed against the sky
while I
while I
while I
just keep on falling

Like rain
over the awning
while wind chimes sing
so soft & high
I guess everything is true
all at the same time
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