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Lyrics to Everything Is Temporary
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climbing up the stairs
and Im stumbling but I dont care
and Im with you but Im just not there
and Im drifting through the sea
evening closes in
and I dont know if its sink or swin
and I think about what might have been
but its just a memory

I wanted to hold you
there at the old hotel
when Im not with you
Im just an empty shell

telephones will ring
and I guess I miss the simple things
in the winter waking up to spring
and you tell me youre alone
I was scared to fail
I was following a breadcrumb trail
and its pushing me beyond the pale
and Im ready to go home

accidents happen
sometimes it feels like fate
something between us
suddenly radiates

and in my secret heart
a revolution starts
the sun is burning through the clouds
meet me on Sunday night
wait for the northern lights
everything is temporary now.

And the morning light comes crashing through
and you sing your resurrection blues
and you harmonize with skeletons
but the melody is clear and true
and this used to be a childrens game
and I dont know when but something changed
and I couldnt tell you what it was
but I know it doesnt feel the same.
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