Everything Ain't Been Said Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Everything Ain't Been Said
Everything Ain't Been Said Video:
So I don't really know if I'm leavin'.
I can't really seem to find a reason
For wakin' up in an empty bed,
-- 'cause I don't know that everything's been said.

Are you askin' that I catch the train of grievin',
or ride upon a magic moonbeam wind?
Are you askin' that I leave it all behind
But will goin' really get me off of your mind

If it's someone else, you didn't let it show.
If it's something that I did, I didn't know.
I neer ever meant to do you wrong.
But when I go, you know that I am gone.

So please try to tell the reason why.
Can't you do more that sit and cry
I know today can seem so long.
But tomorrow will soon be gone.
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