Everyman's An Island Lyrics

Jah Wobble

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Lyrics to Everyman's An Island
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Everyman's an island
And the time is coming
Senseless air conflict
A murder man in the magazine
Meaningless imagery
Blaze across my TV screen
The signals something daunting
Someone wake me from this dream

Drift into the dream

Fine is a word invented by brutality
Sent here to us to sell itself to it
The freedom of the highway is blue jeans

Everyman's an island
And the time is coming in
Till you not know yourself
That is the ultimate sin

Never gave our deepest greedy uses
Heartfelt sentiment
Without the intent to nationalism of an airline advertisement
Red roses, blast before my eyes
And I 'm a carting blow

Love is a luxury
Some of it can't accord
Luxury on call
Meaningless imagery..
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