Everyday is Birthday Day Lyrics

Danny Saucedo

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Lyrics to Everyday is Birthday Day
Everyday is Birthday Day Video:
It's time to celebrate
'cause every day is birthday day

Grab a cake and candles, hand out party hats
It's time to party like we're party cats
Scritch scratch, take a nap
I'll a save you a place right on my lap

Let's kick back, go ape, escape a heart attack
By jumping on a rhino's back
Take that, think fast
The hardest level is the past

It's time to celebrate (Come join me on a date)
'cause every day is birthday day

Find a path through trees, a breeze through marshy grass
So much art you'll have an art attack
Scritch scratch, autograph
You must sign your joke to make it last

A museum amuses them with surly staff
Critics cooing over crappy craft
Your laugh might crack
The secret lines behind the plaque

I can see how small you are, hiding behind that candle
If we set your art on fire, it would surely cause a scandal
But that doesn't mean we should stop
We will burn this gallery to cinder and rock
And let's not forget that today

Is time to celebrate
Every day is birthday day!
So great, so great, let's have a parade
'cause everyday is birthday day!
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