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Lyrics to Everybody`s Got Pain
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"Everybody's Got Pain"By Tom RappWhen you're out wanderingIn the morning rainAnd the sky falls down around youLike a blanket of painJust listen for the footstepsAll around you in the rainEverybody's got pain[Listen for the others]Everybody's got pain[Listen for your brothers]When your fog liftsAnd you're up so highAnd after all this time you seeThe beautiful blue skyJust listen for the othersThey're still behind you in the rainEverybody's go tpain[Listen for the others]Everybody's got pain[Listen for your brothers]Sometimes you get blinded by the freedomIn your own eyesBut freedom just ain't freedomUnless you spread it wide'Cause if everybody doesn't have itYours is just a looser chainEverybody's got painEverybody's got pain

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