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Lyrics to Everybody Rise feat. L Da Headtoucha
Everybody Rise feat. L Da Headtoucha Video:
{*scratched: "hit you with the real"*}

[L Da Headtoucha]

Geah, it's Headtoucha and KRS combined and

Yes, through the new millenium era we grindin

Yes, this combination right here's one of a kind and

It's Soul Supreme's dream team, we shinin

Clap, I'm tryin to tell 'em there's more to it than rhymin

It's now or never, all and together we climbin

Clap, let's rewind to the beginnin of time and

Back again, words merge over tracks like um, Shaq goes in

I, crack yo' cabbage in, we ain't no average men

My pen takes people to places they haven't been

Like the streets or the gutter, when I speak over beats

You discover I drop heat, don't compete with this brother

No, just compete with each other, I'm deep in the gutter

This underground sound, and I'm keepin it gutter

Music is - the reason I'm livin, the reason I'm driven

and givin my all to all y'all

{*scratched: "Everybody rise!" - Busta Rhymes*}

{*"Learn the techniques of" - KRS*} {*"real hip-hop" - Das EFX*}

{*"no doubt"*} {*"so you don't have to worry and doubt"*}

{*"KRS-One"*} {*"savagely attack*"}


Forgive me, I always been an indie-pendant

Hip-Hop started on my block, I remember it

It's in me, others wanna spit what's trendy

But I take it back to Mork & Mindy

Tellin these young cats, Nanu Nanu

Keep my name out your mouth, it's too much to swallow

Big up to my people, Peedo and Gato

Victory over the streets, that's our motto

I ain't forget you Choco-latte

Chocolatte, you the original not the co-py

But enough of that, run it back, we lovin that

Break from them other cats, KRS-One is back

Just look where the sun is at, where the moon is at

If you in tune to that, you can never lose in rap

Astronomy, all in inside of me

For that conscious lyric, you know who you got to see!

{*"KRS-One"*} {*"KRS-One"*}

{*"KRS-One"*} {*"rap graphic"*}

{*"collaborate with"*} {*"L Da Headtoucha"*}

{*"we'll touch you"*}
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