Everybody Join Hands Lyrics

Giorgio Moroder

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Lyrics to Everybody Join Hands
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Read the paperwhatta you seeWar in Asiauhnger and greedMurder in the Bronxrape in the parkPollution in the citytomorrow looks so dark.Everybody join hands with your fellow manAnd work together to save our landTake a look aroundtake a look insideOh can't you see we gotta turn the tide.Man in the prison calling out to meNeeds another chancewants to be freeAnd in a way like that manWe're just as guilty if we don't lend a hand.Everybody join hands . . .If things go on like this much furtherWe're gonna be guilty of murderSo let's start thinking 'bout tomorrowToday - please don't - delay.Start to lovestop this hateChange the worldit's not too lateWork for freedom work for peaceAnd try to make this madness cease.Everybody join hands...

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