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Hold me, hold me, let me stay with you
And be hauled (?) in your presence
I will stay forever
I will never go
I'm creeping, crawling, begging at your feet
I have no power
I don't want it
All I wanna do is stay here in your arms
And love you, love you, love you
I have decided there is nowhere else to be
Kiss me, kiss me
Take me in your arms
And never, ever, never go away
I give my everything without questions
I adore the floor you walk on
Can I walk the floor with you
Please, please be there when I wake up
I want to breathe the air around you
To touch you, feel you, know you
Take away the world
So every sentence, you're the subject, object, verb, and preposition
You're my words and every sound I hear
Keep me, keep me
Always be the thought that I'm thinking
Never in existence is there any other thing to change me
I stop here
I open up your door
And I close the door behind me
And I fall down flying, flying in the air with you
And love me, I love you
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