Every Minute Of The Day Lyrics

David Rovics

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Lyrics to Every Minute Of The Day
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I could be holding you all morning And still holding you at noon I could hope the day is coming And I can hope it's coming soon I can fantasize a fiction And keep on dreaming it all night 'Cause the truth is I never tire Of being squeezed with all your might Every minute of the day Outside the sky is falling It can keep falling as it may But whether the sun is shining Or the clouds are wet and gray If there's a blanket on the bed And there's a flower in your hair Truth is I won't complain If we just stay right there Every minute of the day There's lots of work to do in Texas And that's true all around But sometimes we just must realize To this bedpost we are bound There are things that need to be discovered They must be heard and felt and seen Some will look to Asgard But I'll look in between Every minute of the day

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