Every Irrelevance Lyrics

Gordon Downie

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Lyrics to Every Irrelevance
Every Irrelevance Video:
There's no sound so profound

Can't even be heard

No science or violence

That can't be disturbed.

So just say it, convey it.

Sing out like a bird

If it's a secret, I'll keep it

I give you my word

Even though I know

It don't make any sense

I'm in love with your every irrelevance


My arse is capable of more flush.

An exposure

Just for "closure" won't accomplish much

And if these loose words, go unheard

What's it matter to us,

Because we're friends

And in essence, it's all about trust.

And all at once

Life's richness and consequence

Was there in your every irrelevance.

Even though I know it don't make any sense,

I'm in love with your every irrelevance
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