Lyrics to Even Though
Even Though Video:
Something by the way he touched me,
Was so slow,
The way he'd put his arms around me,
Even though,

I'm feeling lonely(x2)

Don't understand the words he said,
Made me do wrong,
But now there is nothing else in my head,
And now it's stronger wish he'd drift me, alone,
I wish he leave me,

Cuz'I know trouble will follow,
When I have to go,
I have to go,

He makes me think that I don't know me,
So unsure,
When I remember all the things he showed me,
And I want more, I'm feeling lonely,
oh oh oh I'm feeling lonely .
Songwriters: Jones, Norah / Harris, Jesse
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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