Lyrics to Even Now
Even Now Video:
Music came up from below
Through the bedroom soft and slow
To your lips and to a smile
Strange and out of style
On the morning that you chose to cut me loose

I am moving you did say
I must send your love away
You have come too close to me
In your voice I hear a need
That is not how it should be
At least to me

In my heart I felt like dying
I whimpered like a child
In my mind I knew that time
Would turn the dark back into light
Though there and then it felt like nothing could do right

And even now I'm not so sure
Even now I'm not so sure

All the love that used to be
All the passion given me
Now it goes down into town
And it throws itself around
It gets drunk and goes with one who doesn't see

All you want is to be free
In a pair you don't believe
I should have seen it in your eyes
That you could now take the time
To be faithful just to me, to be faithful just to me
Was not in you

On your cheek there is a scar
At your neck there is the part
That held the water when we swam
When your hand was in my hand
You were beautifulÂ…

(Thanks to Ian Kim for these lyrics)
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