Even In The Hard Times Lyrics

Candy Coburn

Rev It Up

Lyrics to Even In The Hard Times
Even In The Hard Times Video:
I'm not a preacher, this isn't a sermon
Just a song about the days we're livin' thru
I'm not passin' judgement, just been talking to my neighbors
About what we been seein' on the evening news

In these Hard Times, all we have is faith to pull us thru
And no matter the odds, or the job we have to do
Have no fear, 'cause God is always here,
Even in the Hard Times

I'm just a singer; it's just one point of view,
But I don't believe you can tell God to stay home from school
He's there when the bell rings, He's on the milk money too
I hope he's watching over our children in everything they do

It doesn't matter if you've been thru hell and back again
God will always take you in, especially in the Hard Times
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