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Lyrics to Even Angels Have To Die
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Even angels have to die and with their ascension we are buried deeper. Our world, in time, shall become a grave and inside there will be dirt instead of feelings. All of our hearts must learn to break, for nothing beautiful lasts forever. The longing of what's lost will never fade and a void is left, we'll feel so empty. Even angels have to die; no love on earth can restrain it's ending. Sadness waited to claim our fall and we mourn for love that seeks a savior. Darkness finds me in my fate, the beautiful face, which may bring salvation. This souls embrace may shatter and wound, have I strength to admit my desperation? Even angels have to die, but love is worth the tears that absence brings me. I'll bleed with you until I am drained, though my color may prove to be less than perfect. Could the intent of your words be to invade, that place where nothing can breathe or dream eternal? There is a fear that you will be torn away and that I'll be left to my own decay. This thought of wasting haunts my mind, for my broken heart could not lose another angel. Please save me from my apathy that drains my sympathy Just speak the words that need to be, promise me that you will never die.

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