Lyrics to Eve Of Contempt
Eve Of Contempt Video:
Sores on my back mysteriously illustrates themselves.

Beyond medicine of current day I'm being tortured by this
growing inflamation. Blood vessels running swift in my sweaty
brow. I feel this is a gift upon the price I just collected against my
will I shall embrace it. It drip-dries from its inverted,
bloated head.

The blood in which I stand reflecting as I look down and see the
anomalous thing. changing in structure, my expression, looks
not human, I have seen this face in my awake dreams, an
abomination, a form from the most wicked of depths has now
been granted my distorted flesh.

A sense of joy as my body bit by bit sloughs off. Destiny, my
sickening providence I shall accept with widespread wings.

With open eyes I start to feel delight. Agitate no more, no doubts
I can't resist to heed the lights of the looming black.

My trophy calm and still, of life soon will be emptied, and with
its red grant me completion.

No longer estranged from what I just fled, the pool is inside, for
I'm not me and of now conceived again.

Solo: Karlsson

The wretched man of the cloth, like dust left swinging dead from
the wall. I must return to their nest, what I used to fear keeps on
calling and I shall them join. The order of chaos awaits in
another world. Disintegrate, I'll return mentally. My body of
scorn I'll leave here as they seize my soul
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