Lyrics to Eulogy
Rain is falling, but you don't care
Heavy boots collide with the muddy ground
Water drips from your uncombed hair
You come to a halt at a large, grey stone
Tears mix with rain falling to the floor
The name's engraved on the stone and your heart
But her face you won't see anymore
It's a mere memory in your mind

The wind picks and grazes your ear
Recalling the whispers she once saved for you
Her voice is all you're longing to hear
But you're now deaf to her sweet melody
The air cold and so is your skin
All the more cause you will not feel her warmth
Those nights you held her
Never again will you taste the sweetness of her kiss

She is the rain on your shoulders
The birds in the sky
The flashes of memories burned in your eyes
She is in all of the beauty that's passing you by
You see her face everywhere
She is the warm summer breeze
The wind's gentle sigh
The leaves of the trees circled in flight
She is the beat of your heart
The reason you cry
Her laugh still rings through your ears

She is slowly disappearing now
The pillows no longer carry her scent
It's hard to handle
You wonder how the memories now are becoming so dim
Her eyes, her smile, the hue of her hair are now foreign
Staring through your old frame
The fact that she's fading is not fair
You're sinking deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper

It's just rain on your shoulders
Just the birds in the sky
Faint flashes of memories fade from your eyes
She's so hard to remember
It's passing you by
You can't see her anymore
Not in the warm summer breeze
The wind only sighs as the leaves of the trees circle in flight
The steady beat of your heart gets you to cry
She is gone now
She's truly gone
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