Lyrics to Ethereal War
Ethereal War Video:
There is no ethereal war no more children
We've taken those devils and buried them down
There is no hyperial war no more brethren
We've taken bad angels and conquered them now

So all you soldiers can turn to healing now

All of you takers can start to give
All of you lovers must start your loving now
Search for the reason, Jah, let us live

The reason Jah gonna give

There is no ethereal war no more their swords
Are melted and angels have exiled their lords
Those for the cause rewards and applause
Abundantly gifted with ointment for sores
And the refugees have been treated with care
'Cause they ain't had a very nice time in there
All the hostages spiritually blessed and repaired
'Cause it's hard to find hope when you've lived in despair

And all you hunters can stop your hunting now
All of you judges must stop your judge
All of you builders can start your building now
Giving thanks and praise for the flood

Thanks and praise for Jah's love

There is no reason to fight and no reason to hate
No reason to lie and no reason to fake
No reason for masks and condemning of names
No resentment is needed nor no one to blame
There's a reason why to this great earth we all came
And we got different strengths but we all worth the same
Just like sun photosynthesize rice on the plain
We all need the earth and we all need the rain

So all you fighters can turn to growing now
All you peace keepers must turn to the land
All of you players can start your playing now
We gonna build Zion up with our hands

Build Zion up by Jah's plans
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