Lyrics to Eternus Pacis
i spoke a few words, but i wasn't done would've said a few more but i had too much fun where'd the time go? where'd all this time go? who would've known it would end up this way? didn't think that you would be dead in a couple of days where did you go? why did you go? time goes on whether you're ready or not so have another drink for me there may be no morning without a warning it may just sweep you away time goes on whether you're ready or not so make this your best day it might be your last day and if it's not your day it might be for someone you love looked over my shoulder and i noticed her there she had pretty brown eyes and beautiful hair my how you've grown look at how you've grown sitting all alone thinking to myself it could always be worse this could all just be hell how would that go? don't even wanna think how that would go mother of mine you know i love you well and pops i'm turning out to be a lot like yourself who would have known? it's how i've grown brothers of mine i hope you learn from me i'm just an average guy, but i'm so damn happy it's how i roll, this is how i roll

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