Lyrics to Estranged
Estranged Video:
Though there's no reason
Feels every time she leaves
Like she will leave me forever
It takes every strength off me
I feel nothing but despair
Call upon good mood pretender
It eats me all up
And I float into the floor
Last wish to surrender
Struck down to the ground
By this overpowering feeling that I hate so much to feel

And I do and I don't
And it's tearing me apart

No-one else was ever sense to live befor
And I hate myself for not being stronger
For the way I chose to be
For what I've become
For letting myself slip away

Vanished and estranged
From everyone I love

I spoiled every chance I got
Watched the trains leave the station
Considered me there but I was not
My mind's constantly elsewhere

Lost inside a dream
Of another life to live
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