Escape To The City Lyrics


Don't Tread On Me

Lyrics to Escape To The City
Escape To The City Video:
On the road to ruin, rotting in the cell, Nothing all around you, but an antiseptic smell
Searching for something better, hoping for the best, Waiting for the answer, looking for the test

{Escape to the city, Runaway, Escape to the city, It's the only way}

Daytime in the city and the traffic's moving fast, Made it in by selling out, can you make it last?
Night time in the jungle the streets become deranged, looking up and holding out until the seasons change


City streets are hard and rough and city streets are mean
Where did you learn about the world? From the tv screen?
You are just a stranger in a foreign land, You've just found something, you don't understand
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