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The sun rises in the east again
They whisper “Hayday” on an eastern wind
There's legend that the boys have left this place but since the morning people back out running on these streets of sin
This island meets the code for sweet revenge
On a world that doesn't speak for them
And thought that they could just ignore us from the forest hoping everybody else will then repeat the trend

Instead they heard that there's survivors from the messages at sea
Floating in the bottles that we empty every week
After every seance
After every beat they seem to find another bottle
Washed up on the beach
I know a rescue's probably hopeless wonder if I'd even leave
They say the only time is when the tide is at its peak
It's almost time to catch a wave almost time to leave
If anything goes wrong we'll all be crushed into the reef

But that shit ain't nothing new to us
We've been surfing on a dream and they know who to trust
People standing in the stairway like "you want up?”
Well just sign right here and we'll take you to school with us
I see y'all boys immune to heat let's see you handle this
Navigate this land with only candlesticks
Missing crew and married to mismanagement
In a sea of industry as we can panic in
And somehow y'all got to rationing

I don't even know what I'm searching for
Maybe I'm the one that's lost
Maybe I'm the one that's missing from
The place where we belong
But I ain't done yet
No I ain't done yet
I've got something to prove to the rest of them
No I an't done yet
I light the fires again
Let it burn
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