Lyrics to Escape
Escape Video:
Welcome to my prison, it is bittersweet to live
In a world with all I wanted, but without what I need
So I know what's up tomorrow, cause I see what I have done
I will never leave and soon I fall, when all my hope is gone

Have you ever try to escape, when your heart screams out: Stay!
Do you think it's ever to late, to decide the right way
If a part is missing and you don't know what to do
There is always a friend, who can help you through

The end is coming closer, my heart is beating slow
The only way to save myself and all I have to know
My very last chance for me is to believe in love
Cause love will be the only key to set my spirit free

Where did I lost my Shadow? Why did I left my ways?
When is this nightmare over? Are this my last days?
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