Lyrics to Escape
Escape Video:
Demonic creatures, cephalic eaters, you are like one
Inside me. Bitterness and hatred have burnt my soul,
And now my heart is out of control
Escape to the void, to a livid nothing
Vanity, lust, arrogance, lie
Living on a grand scale, trifling with mankind.
You're a Power greedy vulture, the wolf for your neighbour.
Come down from the sky, I am the chosen one witch
Will bring you the right way, your sins will be forgiven.
Pleasure, pain, tortured soul.
Selfishness, altruism, tortured soul.
Escape to the void, to a livid nothing
Your thought is absurd, your life is absurd,
You don't deserve to live. Vice, solitude, tortured soul
You disgust me, I deprise you, I'll cut your claws,
I'll pull out your teeth. Cupidity, misery, tortured soul
Life is suffering, Death is salvation,
I will take your life, to free your painful life
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